History of NCBSA

In the Beginning...

The North Carolina Baptist Secretaries Association was founded in 1982 by Betty Walker, secretary at First Baptist Church of Burlington. The dream was for the church secretary to have opportunities for professional development, emotional support, and spiritual motivation. Quickly, associational, agency, and state convention secretaries were drawn to the annual meetings designed especially for those who fulfill their calling by serving as office support staff, or ministry assistants.

We are forever grateful to the dreams and visions of Betty Walker who recognized the calling of the ministry assistant. Betty served as the first president of NCBSA from 1982-84, and president of the National Association of Southern Baptist Secretaries from 1989-1993.

Betty F. Walker Endowment Fund

In 1998, the NCBSA entered into an agreement with the NC Baptist Foundation to establish the Betty F. Walker Endowment Fund. Once this Endowment Fund reaches $5,000, it becomes fully endowed. Ninety-five percent of the interest earned will be added to our treasury annually. The 5% remaining will be added back to the principal, therefore forever and always increasing the principal value of the E/F and the interest earned. These proceeds will provide significant and lasting gifts for the benefit of our organization. Gifts of $5 or more are gratefully appreciated.

The NCBSA Logo

NCBSA LogoThe NCBSA Logo is the key to personal growth, education, motivation, professionalism, and ministry. Our logo was designed specifically for NCBSA and is symbolic of our organization opening many doors. It is in the shape of a cross, which ties in with the ministry of the group. The shape of the key is rounded, therefore focuses on the feminine aspect of the group, and resembles the dogwood petal. The logo is simple and straight-forward, which gives it a more professional look. Also integrated into the key is the "S" shape symbolic of "secretaries."